Updated Thursday January 1, 2015 by CRC Admin.

The Calverton Recreation Council is an all-volunteer organization, and has maintained its fun, high quality, and affordable programs through the support of its volunteers and sponsors. CRC expects that all parents and families will play an active role in their child's team and the league, whether coaching, helping with equipment and fields, or volunteering to help with refereeing. At this time, CRC does not charge volunteer fees or family membership fees as do other leagues in the area, and keeps its registration costs low. In order for CRC to continue to exist and thrive, it needs your support both during and before each season!


In order to make each season successful and run as smoothly as possible, we need your help, particularly in the pre-season when there are many things to do. Most all of these jobs or roles require only a small time commitment or are one-time only over this single season. For example, we could use volunteers to help run an in-person registration (with help), pass out information and answer questions at local community events, or work to inventory the equipment and plan equipment purchases. During the registration process, please indicate the area in which you would be willing to assist. The list of volunteer roles is provided below.

We thank all of you who have dedicated your time over the years to coaching, assistant coaching, coordinating snacks, and doing many other things to support our kids and the organization. CRC has been a great place over the years for our kids to play sports in a positive environment and for our families to be a part of the community, and we can’t do it without you!


  1. Coach (1 position for each team)- Sets practice day and time, and is responsible for planning and running weekly practices. Communicates with parents on all aspects of season planning, to include guidance for players, practice times, game schedules, and snacks. Determines player lineups and coaches weekly games.
  2. Assistant Coach (1 position for each team)- Assists coach with all aspects of the team. Substitutes for the coach as needed during coach absences.
  3. Equipment Manager (1 position)- Has overall responsibility for assuring CRC has the equipment necessary to conduct each season. Includes arranging for equipment inventory, assessing needs for equipment repair/replacement; and assuring equipment is purchased, distributed, and returned. Position currently filled.
  4. Equipment Assistants (3 positions) -
  • Help the Equipment Manager assess equipment (balls, goals, etc.) prior to and at the end of the season, pump up balls, assist with inventories, and determine what equipment needs to be purchased.

  • Assist with equipment distribution and return.

  1. Field Manager (1 position)- Has overall responsibility for assuring that fields are reserved for practices and games, permits are distributed to coaches; and fields have nets, are freshly marked, and are assessed weekly as needed based on weather conditions. Works with Assistant Field Managers to make sure tasks are completed. Coordinates with Soccer Commissioner on all aspects of fields.
  2. Assistant Field Managers (3 positions)-
  • Sets up nets at beginning of season, takes down, and returns to Field Manager/Equipment Manager.

  • Uses CRC-provided machine to line fields every other week (county does initial marking).

  1. In-Person Registrations (4 positions):
  • Help conduct in-person registration session(s) in pre-season.

  • Answer questions of potential players and their parents, provide registration forms, assist with jersey sizing, and accept payments.

  1. Referee Coordinator (1 position)- Contact referees each week and determine referee assignments. Arranges for payment or SSL hours for referees. Coordinate with referees and instructor for referee training and orientation session. Work with school liaisons to identify new potential referees at local high schools.
  2. Referee Assistants (2 positions)
  • Assists with contacting and scheduling referees each week.

  • Helps provide transportation for referees from Calverton-Galway Park to Stonehedge Park or other park being used (e.g. Cross Creek).

  1. Age group Coordinators (5 positions, one for each age group)-
  • Serves as primary source of support and information for coaches in specified age range.

  • Get uniforms and bags/balls from equipment coordinator/assistants and distribute to teams.

  • Get trophies from awards coordinator and distribute to teams.

  1. Volunteer Coordinator (1 position)- Contacts volunteers for each season, provides information on volunteer positions, and helps to make assignments. Coordinates with volunteers throughout the season to assure tasks are getting done, answers questions, and provides assistance as needed.
  2. Marketing Coordinator (1 position)- Develops ideas for marketing CRC sports in the community, including local schools and businesses. Works with others as needed to develop flyers and implement other strategies (updates of web site, etc.) to increase CRC visibility and registrations. Coordinates with School Liaisons and CRC Board members on implementation of ideas. Could have assistance if needed.
  3. School Liaisons (multiple positions)- Work with school(s) for marketing/hand out flyers, advertise and arrange in-person registrations. Contact athletic departments to find new referees.
  4. Awards Coordinator (1 position)- Work with Soccer Commissioner to determine trophy type for the season and determine number of trophies to be ordered. Work with trophy vendor to return unused trophies for discount. Place trophy order and arrange for delivery and distribution to Age Group Coordinators. Position currently filled.
  5. Photography Representative (1 position)- Contact photographer and arrange for dates for team photos. Coordinate and communicate with Soccer Commissioner on dates to schedule.
  6. Snack Coordinators (1 for each team)- Works with team parents to assure that snacks and drinks are provided for the team at each game.